Wall Hanging--38" by 38"
        A beautiful illusion.
The squares are NOT on point!!

       This project uses the:
    Foldy Stuff Amish pattern
Row 1 and Center strip-------1 yd
Row 2-------------------------------3/4 yd
Row 3-------------------------------5/8 yd
Row 4-------------------------------1/2 yd
Row 5-------------------------------1/2 yd
Corners-----------------------------3/8 yd
Border-------------------------------1/2 yd
Backing-----------------------------1 1/8 yds
Block size----------7 1/2"
Blocks needed----16
     (4 across, 4 down)
Cut border 3 1/2" wide.
See the Amish pattern for
   cutting 7 1/2 block   
The illusion SECRET!!!!
It's all in the placement of your fabrics.  No matter what color scheme you choose:
     1. The center strip and Rows 1A & 1B are the
          lightest color.
     2. Rows 2A & 2B are the darkest color.
     3. The corner pieces are an accent color.
     4. All other rows are medium colors.

NOTE: This can also be made in the 6" and 9" sizes.  Just follow the same color placement as given above.

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Amish pattern
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