37" by 37"
     Fast and easy--and
a great place for a fussy cut!

   This project uses the
   Foldy Stuff Log Cabin

       Block size---9"
       Blocks needed--9     
           total (3 across, 3 down)
NOTE: My instructions are for 5 of each block.  It's so much easier that way.  Just make a pillow of the extra block!
HINT: This project uses only the three outer strips.  To prevent transfer lines from the two center rows from showing through light fabric, cut away (or mask) the two center rows of transfer lines.
Need 4 blocks
(see note below)
Need 5 blocks.
(see note below
Block fabris--
   1/2 yd EACH of four fabrics (Dk, Med Dk, Med, Lt)
Inner border---------3/8 yd
Outer border--------1/2 yd
Muslin----------------2 5/8 yds (includes all liners and blocks)
Backing--------------1 1/4 yds
Cut 5 EACH of the following:
   Lt & Dk---center pieces---5 1/2"by 5 1/2" (plus muslin liner)
   Lt & Dk---from 2" wide strips, cut 5 EACH of these lenghts:
        10"--9 1/4"---9 1/4"--8 1/2"
   Md Dk & Md---from 2" strips, cut 5 EACH of these lenghts:
        8 1/2"--7 3/4"-- 7 3/4"--7"--7"--6 1/4"--6 1/4"--5 1/2"
Muslin----------------10 squares--11" by 11"
Inner border---cut 2 1/2" wide(plus muslin liner)
Outer border--cut 3 1/2" wide(plus muslin liner)

CONSTRUCTION:  Place center piece and liner on transferred muslin.  Add strips, starting with strip #9, adding fabrics as shown.
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