(set of four)
         Finished size---13" by 17"
This project uses the Foldy Stuff
Log Cabin design.
YARDAGES: (makes four)
   Muslin (includes liner)---1 3/4 yds
      NOTE: Center portion must
      include a "liner" to add weight.    
      Lightweight batting may be used.
    Centers-----------------------3/8 yd
    Row 1 (inner row)---------1/4 yd
    Rows 2,3,4,5---------------1/2 yd ea.
    Backing-----------------------1 yd
IMPORTANT:  Prewash ALL fabrics and liner!  Placemats suffer much laundering!
CUTTING--4 each
   Muslin base----15" by 19"
   Center and liner---6 1/2" by 10 1/2"
   Strips---cut 2 " wide.  Use long strips   
      and cut to the length needed as   
      stitching progresses.

     HINT:When making multiples, as with placemats, I like to make a 14" by 18" template to trace around to position the corner transfeers.
Step 1. Draw a 14" by 18" rectangle, centered on the muslin base.
Step 2. Label each corner on the back of transfer paper.  Example--UR-for Upper Right.
   Cut transfer paper in half twice, creating four seperate
   corner pieces.
Step 3. Pin the corner transfer pieces on the muslin base, matching the outer lines.  See Fig 1)  Transfer grid.
Step 1  Pin liner and center in place. Pin and stitch rows 
    using the technique given in the Foldy Stuff pattern. 
    Use long strips and trim to size at end of each row. 
    Baste last row in place.
Step 2  Trim muslin to original outline.
Step 3  Cut backing 1/8" smaller than the trimmed top. 
    With right sides together and lining up raw edges,
    stitch the backing to the top, using 1/2" seams.  Leave
    a 6" opening on  one side.
Step 4  Turn right side out.  Press. Hand-stitchopening.

     HINT: If center seems a bit "floppy" a little machine
     qjuilting will stabilize it.
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